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Optimistic 2013

Although I did not really believe that the world would end on 21 Dec, nonetheless I was very grateful to wake up the next day and find it a beautiful day.  Since then, I’ve felt more optimistic about everyday.  Somehow the thought of a possible  end of a world made my worries seem trivial and petty.  I would like to remind myself of this whenever I get stressed or worry obsessively. 
I wish you an optimistic new year, one that is filled with love and laughter.


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Top 10: Winter in HK

Anyone who knows me well enough, knows that I lovvveee making lists.  It has many benefits and keeps things simple.  I’ve decided to take my list-making fetish to this blog, by creating a new category : Top 10 Lists.  This list could be good or bad, either way I’ll keep it to 10.

My first Top 10 list is on Winter in HK.  Here’s what I love/hate about winter in HK (in no particular preference) and you try to figure out which is bad/good:

  1. Cold weather = less sweating  = less pimples (yeay, my face hasn’t been this clear in a long time)
  2. Less sweating also means I can wear make up and it last till the end of the day!
  3. My underwear takes 4 days to dry
  4. I finally get a chance to wear knee-high boots, a trench coat and gloves without looking strange.
  5. Bathing takes less time because I sweat less and anyway, the water doesn’t stay warm long enough. 
  6. Chuckling when I see other women wearing fur coats.  The coldest that I’ve seen so far is 8’c.
  7. Winter fashion in HK can be quite bizarre.  Girls wear leggings in all kinds of colours and patterns, think orange and green.  Sometimes they would wear thick coats to cover their top and then wear shorts! 
  8. I didn’t understand the need for cushioned toilet seats… Now I Do.  (in case you’re wondering, the cushion provides the butt, with much needed relief  from the cold so that we can take our time to do the business)
  9. Not knowing what and how many layers to wear, because I don’t know how cold it could get.  So far, I’ve gotten it wrong most of the time, so I’m either over-heating or shivering and turning blue.
  10. Feet haven’t seen light in more than a month.  Can’t wear slippers / singlets or I will look strange.

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