Why this came to be

I left my Malaysia for Hong Kong, in 2008.  Everyone told me to expect culture shock and I laughed it off, believing that as a highly adaptable person, I would have no difficulties wherever I went.  I went through the cycle of awe and amazement at an efficient and effective society (first 6 months), followed by despair and a strong urge to pack up and return home (next 6 months) and making the most of the situation (current state).  Many new immigrants to HK express the same feelings and each time I hear these, I would nod with understanding and reassure them that it’s a normal reaction.

HK may be an international city but there are 2 distinct societies, which are as different as night and day.  One is the expat community and the other, the locals.  Many of the HKgers and Malaysians I’ve met are curious as to which category I fall under and the answer is neither, which makes life in HK a little challenging.   My motto “That which doesn’t break me, makes me stronger” has never been more true than during these years as an immigrant.   It’s been a wonderfully exciting, though sometimes exasperating experience and I’m that much better because of it. 

This blog is a collection of topics and materials that have inspired me, aroused my curiosity, helped me explore emotions and thoughts or just simply dumbfounded me.


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