I hope you’re living the life you want

I was in a car crash 3 days ago and am very thankful to be alive.  My car is a write off but I escaped without a scratch; with only some pain in the neck and shoulders.  During the accident, I remembered thinking that my time is up and was so relieved when I realised it wasn’t.  I’m still in shock but trying my best to learn from this incident. Trying to remind myself what is important and to priotise that.

A large truck hit my car and it spun across 3 lanes of highway and finally stopped when it hit the middle, dividing concrete barrier. I’m glad the car was well-built as it protected me but it was badly damaged and can’t be repaired.   I’m very fortunate to be alive because it was rush hour and I could have hit other vehicles as the car was spinning.  In fact when the car stopped spinning, I was facing oncoming traffic and a lorry who managed to stop one foot away from smashing into me.

Since then, I’ve tried to resume my normal routine as if nothing had happened. But the thoughts of that moment is often present. I have no visible injuries but desperately want to speak to someone about it.  Everyone who heard about the accident thinks I’m fine because I have no injuries. H doesn’t know how to deal with it so pretends that all is fine. His advice to me is, focus on being grateful that I’m alive. I want to shout back at him, ‘but I could have died!’  Instead I withdraw and become silent. 

I don’t blame him at all.  I don’t expect him to understand what I’m going through and this is something I have to deal with.  I want this incident to mean something and be the catalyst for a better life. 

This is my wish for you,  that you’re living the life you want and you’re at peace with yourself and with your family. Life is not guaranteed so every day is a chance to be fulfilled.


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  1. bellaireco

    Nice to know everything’s all right. Best wishes for the festive season for you and yours.

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