Today may signal a change for my Malaysia

Malaysians vote today for a chance to change.  The ruling party has been in power since independence. During this time, the country has not descended into chaos or bankruptcy and many people think that’s good enough. “Why rock the boat?” they say. It’s easier to stay with the known than venture into the uncertain.

At this general election, young voters make up 40% of the electorate and they are keen to try something new. Corruption is a norm and most Malaysian accept and condone it.  But imagine how much better Malaysia could be without corruption by its people in power. The country is being raped of its natural resources, to benefit the few at the expense of many.

Rape and plunder are crimes punishable in Malaysia, so why should we allow our politicians to continue to do so? It is unthinkable.

It’s time that Malaysia is govern responsibly and honestly.  It is our right.


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