This was meant to give confidence …


… instead it creates disappointment and drama.

Most Malaysians drive and have no need for taxis. I used to be one of them until my move to HK rendered me carless when in Malaysia. During a recent trip home, I relied on taxis to get around. At my first cab ride I was pleasantly surprised to see this sign and was assured/relieved that there would be no haggling. I think you can guess what happened- yes, the cabbie haggled and refused to take me if I didn’t agree to his inflated price. It was a great disappointment, which repeated itself several times over the following days.
Taxis were not this lawless before ’The Sign’. In the old days, taxis only ever charged by meter and everything was proper. Now, even with ’The Sign’ taxis are blatantly flouting the rules and terrorising  the passengers. It’s as if the mafia/gangsters became taxi drivers!

I’m sad to see that in this one regard, Malaysia has actually regressed instead of progress. Is it possible to get any more third world?


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