Self Awareness

I’m a sucker for personality or behavioral test and believe it is akin to a crystal ball that will help me understand myself better.  Whether it’s the narcissist in me or just the thrill of an insight, taking a test fills me with a combination of dread and excitement.  Most of the test that I’ve been subjected to were conducted as part of the employment process, as a way of assessing my ‘fit’.  The dreadful feeling comes from knowing that my test results could and probably would be used to judge; the excitement is completely my own indulgence. 

If you’re interested in taking a behavioral test that is very insightful and FREE, you can try out the DISC assessment available on Tony Robbins’s site.  Test results change over time as it is influenced by your circumstances and motivations at the time of test.  So it is very useful to re-take the test and compare results. 



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