The typhoon that gave HK a holiday

Every year as typhoon season starts in April, alot of HKies wonder how many typhoons will hit HK and more importantly, how many days off will we get as a result.   We had almost given up on seeing any typhoon for 2011 until Nesat arrived, albeit late. 

It wasn’t a direct hit as it passed HK on its way to Hainan Island and Vietnam.  However HK experienced gust of winds upto 100km/h.  Typhone warning signal # 8 was hoisted at 4am 29 Sept and lasted throughout most of the day till about 4pm.  Signal # 8 represents the preparation stage where everyone is expected to stay indoors, take precaution by securing all loose items outdoors.  It is also time-off for workers, students and even the stock punters.

WSJ published several stunning pictures of effects of Nesat.

Satellite view of Nesat over Philippines. Snapshot taken late afternoon, 28 Sept


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