Freud identified 3 main personality types…..

Erotic, Obsessives and Narcissists.  All of us have elements of all three types with stronger preference for one or more.  Erotics are those whose motivation is to love and be loved back.  They are typically concerned with the welfare of others and are dependent on being accepted by others. For this reason, Erotics tend to avoid conflicts and make supportive friends/colleagues.  You would find Erotics in roles as teachers, nurses, social workers.

Narcissists are the complete opposite in that they are motivated by self-love.  They are visionary, daring and have strong charisma in order to attract followers.  Their motivation is not to be loved but rather to be admired and put on a pedestal.  Narcissists are strong-minded and this can either work for or against them.  They make better leaders because they are able to dream up grand ideas and mobilise the necessary support to make it happen.

Obsessives are conscientious and have high moral standards.  Their strive for continuous improvements in themselves and others and are especially good at maintaining rules and order.  Obsessives make great Managers because they are critical and cautious.

Whereas Erotics are largely influenced by their  heart, Obsessives are mostly ruled by their (logical) minds.  Narcissists just think they are God.


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One response to “Freud identified 3 main personality types…..

  1. You’d be interested to know their [inelegant] nicknames when I was reading my first degree in psychology and statistics in London (oh, so, so many moons ago!):

    – “Double Penetrators: Take All and Sundry” (Erotics)
    – “One For Show, One for Blow” (Narcs)
    – “Warheads Up The Arse” (Obsessives)

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