Singapore is hosting a parenting congress, where the key theme is how to bond with your teenager.  Parenting is a serious matter, I get that.  However, seeing my friends read books on how to be a good parent and then this ‘congress’, makes me wonder if it is a little over-the-top. 

As far as I can tell, my parents did not do much preparation before having us kids.  Discipline was strict and there was only one way – their way or the highway.   I’m sure my parents have some regrets over the way they brought us up; I know I have some regrets about my childhood.  Having spent much time analysing my childhood, each time the same conclusion is reached – whether good or bad, my parents did their best as they knew how to.  It has made it easier to forgive and move on.  If or when I’m a parent I’m sure that is what I’ll do as well – my best.

All things considered, I think we turned out alright.


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  1. I hope this isn’t a joke. I mean, we’ve now reached the point where parents have to go to a third-party event to learn how to bond with their children. And people wonder why the younger generations are in a mess…

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