Malaysian Hospitality is now internationally known

FRANKFURT: Malaysia is considered to be one of the 10 “friendliest” countries of the world, according to a survey conducted by HSBC. Malaysia is ranked 9th in the list, according to the poll, conducted last year.

Besides the friendliness of the local people, another criterion for judging a country’s friendliness is how simple it is for foreigners to live and integrate themselves in the local environment. The HSBC poll surveyed over 4,000 people from more than 100 countries between April and June 2010. Respondents were asked to give answers to questions such as where it is simplest to find local friends, how easy is it to learn the language of a country or adapt to and integrate in its culture. Eighty per cent of those surveyed said that English was their mother tongue. Germany, a non-English-speaking country, however, made it to the list — ranking 10th directly behind Malaysia. South Africa, ranked 3rd, according to the poll, is “very open” to foreigners who want to live there.

The top 10 friendliest countries of the world, according to the survey, are: 1. Canada, 2. Bermuda, 3. South Africa, 4. United States, 5. Australia, 6. Spain, 7. France, 8. Great Britain, 9. Malaysia and 10. Germany. — BERNAMA


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