Success is a culmination of..

  • Hard work (10,000 hours to be precise)
  • What year you were born (in order to be able to partake in the next big thing)
  • Having analytial intelligence and practical intellligence.  Analytical intelligence is IQ, gifted by your DNA, while practical intelligence is as a result of how you were brought up by your parents, i.e. parenting philosophy.  There are 2 philosophies, rich and poor.  If you’re a rich kid, its likely that your parents were well-educated, so that from a young age you will be engaged in meaningful conversations.  It is likely that you will not be short of books, games and activities designed to stimulate your mind.  These are not readily available to someone who grew up poor.  And as a result, someone who grew up rich is likely to have better practical intelligence than someone who grew up poor.   We all know that knowledge learned during formative years deeply impact a person’s belief of the world. 

In short, there are several layers that determine success:

1) Not everyone is given the same opportunities in life. 

2) Not everyone who is given the same opportunities, would recognise and sieze it. 

3) The ones who did recognise and sieze it, may react differently based on their practical intelligence, their work ethics.  This then determines whether the effort pays off.

 These 3 factors have to line up perfectly if you are to be a mega superstar success… according to the book “Outliers”. 


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