Late to the typhoon partee…

Super Typhoon Megi, which hit North Philippines, South Taiwan and South China surprised all of us in the East, as it is meteorologically late in the season for typhoons.  I kept track of its path everyday through the very useful HK Observatory website.  Earlier forecast showed that after leaving Philippines, it was headed directly for HK with the strength of Super Typhoon – the highest category of Typhoon.  Being away from HK at that time, I kept in touch with colleagues and friends as they talked incessantly about the impending typhoon signal change to 4 and onwards. 

Typhoons are said to be as volatile and unpredictable as a woman during PMS and Megi was no different.  ‘She’ decided to change course by avoiding HK and instead headed towards Taiwan and China.  HK felt some of the effects of Megi’s outer-band, as wind speed and rain-fall increased substantially.  A friend reported seeing a plastic chair fly past his 33rd Floor window on a particularly windy day – an irresponsible person had not tied it down well!  

While HK breathed a sigh of relief for escaping what could have been the worst typhoon in 30 years (the last was Hope in 1979), it was a somewhat a anti-climax.  I know most HKies would have loved a good story about how they survived a Super Typhoon in our generation.


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