Close and True Relationships will get us out of any situation

When Life is good and we’re happy, relationships are easy and enjoyable.  It is only during the not-so-good-times that we separate the weevils from the grain, when good relationships really matter.  As I mature, i find it harder to cultivate genuine relationships, with family, with friends, with lovers.  It is harder because good relationships require time and effort from both parties, something which seems to be in short supply as we become preoccupied with living.  I see many people being preoccupied with their jobs and with wealth, believing that their self-value is defined by how successful they are at their jobs or their wealth, some more are preoccupied with physical self-image, their egos stroked with each attention.  If you’ve ever been penniless or unattractive, you would believe that these are superficial, that these dont really matter.

Life sometimes throws curve balls at us, it gets tough and we find ourselves struggling.  What do we really need to survive these temporary blips in our life-line?  So often, the troubles are due to money and love, either too much or not enough of either. 

But you see, Life also gave us a coping mechanism to weather the storm – close relationships with family, with friends.  These relationships are what sustains and encourage us to not give up, provide us with the moral and financial support to resolve our problems. The value of relationships is enjoyed during the good times and needed during the not-so-good times.   Its a simple formula easily forgotten.


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