HK and Malaysia

A HKger recently asked me – having been in HK for more than 2 years, what did I think about Hkgers compared to Malaysians.  I hesitated before replying because I wasn’t sure whether this person was prepared to hear the truth or the fudge.  I wasn’t sure so I chose the middle path and replied – Malaysian are more inclusive.  He reacted defensively by asking, whether this is because Malaysians have had exposure to various races and learnt from a young age to be tolerant of different cultures and customs, while for most HKgers, their exposure to other races/culture starts when they live overseas for their tertiary education. We didn’t have a chance to finish our conversation but it reminded me of a conversation I had with a cab driver in Malaysia – he had asked a similar question; what did I see was the key difference between HK and Malaysia and I was very clear with my answer – the Malaysian People.  I find Malaysians to be generally more open-minded, more willing to help another, more ready to welcome and include a stranger, more tolerant & respectful of differences….. more human. Maybe it is not that HKgers are less inclusive but that Malaysians are a special breed because of the environment we were brought up in.

My statement is a generalisation and for sure, I have met a few HKgers who defy this generalisation and whose friendship I am grateful for.  Unfortunately based on my experience, most of the HKgers I have met are exclusive and unwilling to admit a stranger into their inner circle.  Some go as far as to let you know that you’re not welcomed in HK.  So what is a Foreigner to do but make friends with other foreigners.


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  1. That’s an interesting thought and being a HKger guy, I can definitely say my utmost interest in were HK girls… over time this has changed and while your topic is not on the note of relationships and women, I have to note that I’ve found Malaysian people (since I game with lots of them), much more accepting. I searched high and low for a HK girl, but that is, until I met my very first Chinese-Malaysian girl. She changed my definition of what I wanted and expected in a female partner, because she was very different from the typical HK girls I meet. Being down-to-earth, realistic and accepting of differences was a bit difference for my expectations. As I learn more and more about Malaysian culture (which I will not even admit at being an expert), I start to appreciate the environment Malaysian girls grow up in compared to the materialistic and self-centric HK girls. Suffice to say, there will always be exceptions to Malaysian and HK girl personalities, but at large, I find Malaysian girls being much more personable and open to friendships and connections!

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