Saman ekor and weakening HKD

I receive updates of Malaysia through family and friends and was surprised to hear that currently in Malaysia, the police can issue a traffic summon as long as they catch you (on camera) committing an offence.  They don’t have to serve it to you, you’ll receive the summons in the post – this is known as ‘saman ekor’, the literal english translation is ‘tail summons’ or to summon your (car’s) tail.  I see this as an attempt by the government / police to increase its revenue streams, after recent shocking revelation that Malaysia could be bankrupt by 2019 if it does not revamp its various subsidy programs.  The only good thing that i see from this ‘saman ekor’ exercise is that maybe more malaysians will actually start to pay attention to and obey traffic rules.  A way to a more civilised society, possibly?

Though news of the Malaysian economy is grim from within the country, international economist have different, more positive opinions of Malaysia’s economy.  Most of the experts agree that Malaysia’s economy has exited the world financial crisis and is growing.  A sure sign is the strengthening of the Malaysia Ringgit, which as at last week was MYR0.40 to HKD1.  In the 2 years that I have been away from Malaysia, the highest level was in 2008 when the exchange rate was MYR0.48 to HKD1… in those days to make it easier to convert, i would round-up to MYR0.50, while since last week I have started to round-down to MYR0.40.


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