Top 10 Chinese Knock-Off – Time

China being the World’s factory is able to produce goods that consumers want and in the interest of variety and choice, it also produces knock-offs.  To get around the tricky bit about IP, the names are (uninterestingly and unimaginatively) similar sounding to the original product.  Though lacking in innovation or creativity, no one can accuse the Chinese of being slow to react and capitalise on consumer demand.  Case in point, before the Apple iPad was released worldwide, the iPed manufactured in Shenzhen, was already being sold in China.  It is about 1/3 the price of the real deal and according to reviews “was not bad”.   Of cause it cost 1/3 the price, the iPed manufacturers did not have to spend on advertising and with such similar sounding name, it is easy for consumers to be misled.

Some friends were discussing why the Chinese could not be innovative like the Japanese and invent things, instead of being second-rate copy cats.  A friend suggested that perhaps it has to do with China being communist, whose leaders do little to encourage difference/change.  Instead everyone is expected to follow the status-quo and perhaps its unsurprising that most will think and behave similarly.  Another friend says it has to do with the (stereotypical) Chinese inherent nature of greed for prosperity, which motivates them to do most things for money.  The short-cut way is to capitalise on a well-known product, to ‘steal’ another’s IP (another stereotypical opinion of Chinese is that they lack ethics as this contradicts with their greed).  These are the generalised observation of China by people outside of China.  As with any kind of generalisation, it is not always true and may not even be reflective of the majority, but it appears that China does not enjoy good reputation.

Top 10 Knock-off according to Time  


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