Suicide in HK

This news appeared in The Standard HK and made me sad.  There seems to be an increasing number of suicides being reported in the local media, in the last 2 years.  What is sad in this story is that the mother who jumped did not show any signs of suicidal tendency.  Or perhaps she did display some signs but those around her did not notice it.  I hope/implore people who are depressed and feeling suicidal to reach out and seek help.  At least then there is a chance to listen, to help to ease the pain.  It is sad when a person chooses to end their life because they feel they can no longer cope with the pain that they are experiencing.  I can only imagine their agony of pain that would cause them to take this drastic action.  It is usually the last resort, having tried other solutions and failed.  Life is precious but being AliVE is what we all aspire for. 

Has Life become harder/more demanding so that it is more difficult to cope or have we become more fragile and therefore unable to cope? 

Girl, 4, survives suicide plunge

Patsy Moy

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A four-year-old girl miraculously survived a 17-story plunge in the embrace of her suicidal mother.

She was conscious and still in her dead mother’s arms when shocked onlookers rushed to help them at a Tung Chung public housing estate.  But doctors at Princess Margaret Hospital were last night fighting to save little Leung Ka-yee, who suffered serious head injuries as well as a broken wrist.  Investigators said Ka-yee survived because she was held tightly by her mother, 32-year-old Lam Po-yin, from the moment she jumped at about 10am yesterday.

Lam cushioned her daughter from the impact of hitting a podium, the roof of a pedestrian walkway and then the ground.  An eyewitness said Ka-yee was cradled under her mother and in her arms when firemen lifted them.  Lam – declared dead on arrival at hospital – was in a kneeling position.

In the family home on the 17th floor of Kui Yat House in Yat Tung Estate, husband and father Leung Ka-ho, 29, was unaware of the tragedy.

Leung had been asleep and only learned of his terrible loss when police called.  He said his wife and daughter had been sleeping in another room.  After forcing open the door to the room, officers found a window grill had been removed.  They also found a drawing by Ka- yee on which there was handwriting, believed to be that of Lam’s.  As a result of this find, police are classifying the case as attempted murder and suicide.

Leung lost his job about two months ago and the family was living on the dole, although there is no record of his wife seeking help for domestic problems.

According to a member of staff at the Tung Chung office of lawmaker Lee Wing-tat, Lam had been active in community affairs and clearly loved her daughter.  Lam had taken Ka-yee to the district office last year for a flu jab.

The tragedy was the second such case in Tung Chung within a week.  Last Monday, 17-year-old Form Four student Wong Ling-fung, who was suffering from psychosis, leaped to his death from Tung Chung Catholic School.

Against Child Abuse director Priscilla Lui Tsang Sun-kai said the latest tragedy underlines an urgent need for the government to be able to identify families with potential problems so welfare workers may step in before it is too late.

Lui also said Tung Chung is among “high-risk new towns” – places where most families are newcomers to an area without the support of relatives and friends.

“It is like Tuen Mun 20 or 30 years ago when there were severe social and teenage problems due to the lack of support and social networking,” she said.


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