Potential war between North and South Korea

The current situation in Korea has its light moments too.  I read from Al-Jazeera, the preparation on both sides for a possible face-off.   The action by the democratic South tickled me (excerpt from Al-Jazeera):

South’s retaliation

As part of its retaliatory steps, South Korean army engineers began installing loudspeakers on Tuesday along the border with the North, with plans to also construct 11 giant electronic signboards.  The South Korean defence ministry said it resumed the FM radio broadcasts on Monday evening, starting with a four-hour programme entitled Voice of Freedom, which was being aired three times a day.  A spokesman told the AFP news agency the programme included messages on freedom and democracy from a military anchorwoman, a song from a South Korean girl band extolling freedom of choice, and pointed comments on how obesity rather than hunger is a problem in the South.

I am guessing this propaganda is designed to incite internal conflict in North Korea and put pressure on its administration.   China employed the same tactics in HK during Chairman Mao’s brain-washing revolution, where loud speakers mounted onto the Bank of China building in Central, blared propaganda about communist china.

Mao-era Propraganda poster


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