How wonderful to not have or have low expectations and be pleasantly surprised by the outcome?  Wishing that the innocence of having small expectations would last and not be corrupted by higher expectations the next time the same circumstances occur. 

Today our colleagues received letters informing them of bonus and salary increment.  The exuberance and beaming smile from a colleague receiving his first letter, reminded me of the time when I felt the same way.  By comparison, the reaction from all other colleagues who were receiving the letter for the 2nd/3rd/4th/5th time were mixed  – most were apathetic because it was the same as with previous years and some were disappointed that it was not better.  This observation made me think, what good are expectations to us, if that was what it did – make us hopeful only to be disappointed.  Instead of having expectations if we were open to receiving, nevermind the value we would be happy with what we received. 

It is easy to forget the value of what we have, when we have lived with it.   We are always looking for more, part of our insatiable appetite to be better…. it is almost like being an addict, never really satisfied, always craving for higher dosage.  After a while, we start to believe that we’re invincible, a can-do-anything kind of person and that is when things could start getting harmful – to our physical and mental health and relationships.  It all starts with expectations.

I wish for me to feel thankfulness and gratitude, so as not to take things for granted or be deluded into believing that I deserved it.


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