Lantau Trail – completed

Proof of my exploits

I’d spent the last 2 weeks, on leave and in HK.  Without a vacation plan, I was unsure how to occupy my time and more than anything did not want to spend it watching movies, sleeping late and window-shopping.  The week before my leave started, I had a Eureka moment – why not spend that time Hiking.  HK is blessed with a mountaineous region and the Govt is good at preserving the natural parks.   There are 4 main trails in HK – Wilson, MacLehoe, Lantau and HK.  Having very little knowledge of the trails, I decided to follow the guidelines set by AFCD.

My first attempt was the Lantau trail, 70km-long and broken up into 12 stages.  It took me 6 days (of 4hour days) to complete the whole trail and in the process:

  • consumed 10 bottles of water, 6 bars of chocolate, 4 loaves of bread , 3 apples & 2 oranges
  • reached the 2nd highest peak in HK – Lantau Peak at 934m
  • hiked in rain, sun and mostly smoggy weather
  • suffered through highs of 16’c and lows of 6’c
  • broke 1 toenail

What an experience!  The first day was torture on the body but it got better.  For all the hard work, I was rewarded by awesome sights, an improved mental and physical wellbeing and a sense of achievement. 

My next challenge – HK Trail.


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