Letter to a friend

How are you? I know it’s been a while since I wrote, some from the hectic travelling but mostly from having nothing interesting to share. The year has turned out somewhat similar to the previous year, HK continues to be interesting and sometimes a challenge but i have learnt to stop comparing it to Malaysia and accept it as cultural differences. I still think Malaysia is wonderful though i’m not as defensive about her, as i was when I first arrived.

In terms of personal development my good intentions which started out strongly at the beginning of the year, got derailed during the year from being too preoccupied with a necessary evil – work.  Every time I traveled, it was as-if I went into a black hole.  I concentrated on that moment in time and forgot to keep in touch with loved ones, forgot about good intentions, forgot what was important.  365 days is a long time but for me, it seemed not too long ago  that I was shivering from last winter’s cold and wishing I was back in warmer climate.  

Time passes quickly when I dont pay attention, another year older but none the wiser.


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