Charity at Christmas time

Every year I make it a point to start getting into the spirit and mood of christmas early, just so that I would be well-prepared for the season.  With the hectic travelling for work throughout the year, I have missed many celebrations but Christmas is THE celebration that matters to me.   My preparation for Christmas started in Nov, by listening to christmas songs.   This Christmas will be the 2nd spent in HK and will be my 1st, spent away from Family. Last year at Christmas, Family came to visit and we enjoyed a cold Christmas for a change.   

With the realisation that I will be spending the season alone, I gave some thought to what to do, to occupy myself.  There was the self-indulgent thought of going away for a holiday.  Then I was reminded that with 11 months of the year to spend on me, it would be more meaningful to spend this time on others.  I thought that maybe I could volunteer my time and self, as this has been a challenge for me throughout the year, because of the heavy travelling.  I started my search by contacting the Catholic church that I attend and was disappointed when they replied to say that they only had programs for that day.   There were no Church-organised christmas carolling sessions or social events to help the less fortunate.  So I looked on the net for charitable activities in HK that I could help with and was sure there would be many to choose from.  I haven’t found many events and most of those events were to raise funds. 

It may be too soon to form an opinion based on my search but at the same time, I find it hard to understand why there isn’t more action to help the needy among us?  Is money all that is needed to help?  Surely there must be people out there who need more than money.   My search for a meaningful Christmas continues..


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