Food in Singapore

I usually spend about 2 weeks at each location that I visit.  Being Malaysian, I love my food and actively seek out food reviews and recommendations for local food and restaurants.  If there’s a queue at the restaurant, I have almost certainly queued, if only to find out what the fuss is all about.  The hardwork is usually rewarding, though there are times when it is not justified.

Having been to Singapore several times and it is the closest I can get to Malaysian food.  It is like a 2nd home to me (literally from the amount of time I spent here and figuratively, from it being so like Malaysia).   I used to think that there is no good food in Singapore and have been humbly corrected.  Here are some of my favorite places to eat: 

  • Soup Restaurant – This is a chinese food restaurant, famous for its Sansui Ginger Chicken.  They must have added something wicked because the ginger sauce and chicken is so addictive.

Most addictive steam chicken

  • Wasabi Tei Restaurant – 5th Floor, Far East Plaza in Scotts Road.  I found this place by word of mouth because it is hidden in the back of Far East Plaza and not very flashy.  The decor is simple, almost home-like, with U-shaped sitting limited to 16 persons at a time.  The menu is limited to sushi and sashimi and daily sets.  Price was reasonable, sushi range from S$3 to S$40+, while sets start from S$9 to S$20+. 

Wasabi Tei - cosy, home-cooking style Japanese


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