Only in Hong Kong – Giving way

Over the weekend, a couple of observations made me think about starting up an entry on what’s typical of HK.  I’ve stayed here for 17 months and it may interest others to know what to expect if they are planning to visit / live in HK, hence this tag.  I’ll keep adding to this list as it strikes me.

First observation of HK is that people rarely give way to others.  In fact they push their way through, expecting others to give way.  Imagine this – standing at a pedestrian crossing, waiting for the lights to change and across the road, is a crowd waiting for the same thing.  The minute the lights change, both sides will come towards each other and it’s a case of the first person to “blink” will give way to the stampeding crowd.  If neither side gives way, there will be a stand-off and each will grumble that the other should given way.  

HK being so small, that the only way it can move forward, literally and figuratively is for its residents to cooperate.   Unfortunately the general observation is that most people behave like their interest is more important than others, expecting others to understand and be considerate to them.



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  1. And that’s how I ended up using a crutch for two and half years (and still counting).

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