Photolog: Cuteness

I spent part of yesterday with a friend, who has 4 cats + 1 kitten.  They are so cute and I spent most of that time with camera in one hand and a toy in the other, enticing them to look at me.  I’m a dog-person and think that cats are selfish, self-centred (do they mean the same?) creatures, who’s main motivation in life is eat, groom and nonchalantly watch the world pass-by.  That is until I spent time with my friend and her cats.  3 of her cats are a unique breed – American Curl.  Their ears are curled back and so very cute.  And their demeanor is also different from the normal cats, in that they enjoy human company, are very affectionate and good-tempered.        


Two peas in a pot - both took their afternoon nap in the wash basin


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