Christianity and its many branches

I stepped into a cab today that was adorned with many Christian propaganda.  Before I continue, I should say that I am a Christian, which may qualify me to have these opinions.   The driver had put several printed material in the backseat pocket and the headlines that screamed at me were “Tribulation is at hand – Repent”.  Sounds severe, doesn’t it.  I naturally picked it up for a read and the first few sentences put me off. 

The article was basically preaching the gloom and doom of the end of the world, which it says is very near.  It continued to say that when the end of the world comes, Jesus will save his followers, i.e. if non-Christians do not repent and convert, they will perish.  Even as a Christian, I found this article to be shockingly radical and wonder whether it would work to convert non-believers or only put them off Christianity.  

Despite me telling him that I was a Christian, the driver continued to “sell” his church.  I must give him credit for his perseverance and his strong belief.  He gave me several more articles to take-away and invited me to his church.  I’ve read the articles and it was more of the same radical teachings.  As an example, one line in the article said (and I’m paraphrasing) that XXX Church (his church) is the only true church and when the end of the world comes, only those within this church will be saved – typical sect ideology.  

Christianity is about love, kindness, tolerance and acceptance, virtues that are preached by most other religions.  If we have any hope of converting non-believers to our faith, it will be by living these virtues and not by using scare tactics.   And yet, such scare tactics do work.  Radicalism in Islam is an example of how people believing in deviant teaching are inspired to kill others in the name of religion. 

There was a line in the article that I agreed with, which is the many denominations in Christianity are actually different interpretations of the bible, based on man’s ideologies.  What I think is important is not which Christian branch or religion we belong to, rather how we live our Faith.


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