You must be a Bermudian, when…

  • You know that Ginger Beer is much better than Ginger Ale
  • You say ‘inna’ after almost every sentence
  • You know Johnny Barnes
  • You know the difference between Hamilton and Hamilton Parish
  • You have an “Ace Boy” or “Ace Gurl”
  • Your house has a name
  • 30 mins in a car is a stretch!
  • You’ve only ever bought gas from Shell or Esso
  • You know the significance of the colours, “Blue and Blue” and “Red and Blue”
  • You use the car horn to say hello
  • You know 90% of the country’s population
  • You have bought a Christmas tree, shirt, fish or lobster out of a truck on the side of the road
  • Dark and stormy isn’t just a term to describe the weather
  • You don’t swim until 24th May (at the earliest)
  • You can identify a tourist without even talking to them
  • You can wear pink shorts with knee socks and still feel manly
  • You know that “up the country” is west and “down the country” is east
  • You’ve lived through at least one hurricane and therefore the names, Felix, Emily, Fabian and Florence all have a deeper meaning for you
  • You’ve risked your life climbing a weak tree that’s in someone else’s yard JUST to reach that juicy loquat
  • If you know why Seagull Racing does not involve birds, or racing, you must be a Bermudian
  • If mayonnaise is both your favorite condiment and your preferred method of removing beach tar from your feet
  • If you’ve ever been “Guilty with an explanation”
  • If you never notice the tree frogs at night
  • If the telephone directory listing includes your nickname because no one knows your given name

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