Have a Bermudaful day

That’s their unique greeting, by the way.  I’ve noticed that people here are overly friendly, strangers greet you as you pass and sometimes, they engage you in conversations.  I am a little uncomfortable with this, as I was taught from an early age “never talk to strangers”…. ok, not because of that.  Seriously though, I used to think that Malaysian are friendly people but when we pass strangers on the street, we look away and avoid direct eye-contact.  Maybe it’s because we’re shy, maybe we think that direct eye-contact is confrontational.  Whatever the undelying reason may be, I habitually avert my eyes when passing a stranger, thus avoiding a greeting. 

This is Day 2 of the review and already I have 1 lunch date and 1 dinner date from the client.  The clients are all senior citizens and I think they feel responsible (compassionate) for me, being alone in a foreign land.  I am grateful for their care and hospitality and it is very nice to have social conversations.  Although I have done many solo trips in the past, the loneliness gets to me sometimes and like most people, I crave another person’s company.

Update on dinner date:

One of the client invited me for dinner with her husband.  We had a wonderful time and laughed and chatted like old friends.  It may seem strange that an English couple in their 60s would have anything in common with me.  But we talked about so many things and I felt so comfortable and accepted.  It was very nice to have this moment and even if I never have the chance again, I am already grateful for their gift of companionship.  Tonight’s dinner will remain in my memory as a profound experience.


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