Bermuda – First impression

I just arrived and was so impressed by the welcome.  I exited the plane and as soon as I entered the airport building, I were greeted by Hawaiian-type music, live!  Yes, I was surprised to see the musician in floral shirt, playing his musical instrument.  The carpet within the immigration was also floral… really sets the right tone and I immediately felt relaxed.  I was very tempted to take a picture but didn’t know if it was appropriate. 

A few people had cautioned me about the attitude of immigration officers towards foreigners.   In short, these officers would not be very friendly if they think you’re in Bermuda to work.  I guess they are protective of their small land and welcome visitors who will spend money and not workers, who take away the money.  So I turned on my charm and was “ready” for hostility.  I was pleasantly surprised because the officer was nice and welcoming.  The whole process took less than 5 mins, in fact I had to wait longer for the luggage. 

Journey time from the airport to the hotel was about 20 mins and that’s because the driver took his time.  Bermuda reminds me of a typical small island setting – single-lane roads, houses spread-out and sound of crickets and waves all-around.  I probably saw 3 people out on the road, everyone else must be home.  I savored the sound of nature … it feels like such a long time, since I heard anything but street-sounds.

I know, I know, I’m here for work.  But it will be hard to keep the focus.  More soon.


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