Clothes do not maketh the Man

A compelling observation: 

I observed this well-dressed man, complete with suit and shining shoes, talking on the phone, while seated at a dining table.  A waitress was clearing tables and came to his table.  She picked up the only piece of newspaper on the table and walked away, intending (I think) to throw it away.  Suddenly, the well-dressed man shouted at her, using crude language to tell her to return that piece of newspaper.  As she returned it, he continued to scold her for taking his ‘thang’ without asking him first.  I guess I was surprised at (1) the need for such crude and rude behaviour on a seemingly harmless action, and (2) such crude and rude behaviour from a well-dressed person. 

It made me consider how we often form first impressions on visual presentation, when it is quite possible to dress well and yet have no manners.


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