Off the beaten track : Chuen Lung Village & Tai Mo Shan

There are 2 shops selling dim sum and when I was there, it was packed with people.  The unique thing about these dim sum shops is the way it is sold.  Totally DIY- the food is laid out and you take the ones you like, you would need to rinse and take your own tea cups, tea pot, utensils and pour your own tea.  The food was alright, regular dim sum fare but it was very cheap, definitely cheaper than those sold in the restaurants.  I liked the fact that I don’t have to try to explain what I want and instead could just look and take the ones that caught my fancy.

Old-Style Dim Sum at Chuen Long Village

Old-Style Dim Sum at Chuen Long Village

It was quite a journey to get to this Village, you’ll have to take a Green Mini bus no. 80 from Tsuen Wan town centre.  The bus ride itself is quite an adventure, as the route is winding and uphill + a crazy bus driver = vomit-inducing ride.

Near the dim sum shops, is a watercress farm.  Someone told me it’s the largest such farm in HK.  I guess if you’re interested in watercress, you’d appreciate this fact.  Along the way, I passed several farmers selling their fresh and organic produce.

To work off the dim sum, I decided to hike for 3-hours along Tai Mo Shan, coming down near Ting Kau.  It was a foggy day, so visibility was poor.  However the views from the mountain top was still WOW.  I could see TsingYi on one side and Ma Wan Island on the other.

View of Tsing Yi from Tai Mo Shan

View of Tsing Yi from Tai Mo Shan


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