I had a dream last night

I’ve been fascinated with dreams for the longest time, because I’ve read that dreams represent our subconcious minds.  Dreams are a way to get away from reality, it is not restricted by my fears or beliefs.  A question that I’ve been curious about is whether we dream in black and white or colour… I’m still not sure. One thing though, I rarely remember my dreams once I’m awake, unless the dream was very profound, like last night’s.  The reason I remember it was because it was a surprise to me…. and to some of you who know me well.

I dreamt that I had given birth to a beautiful baby-boy.  The dream started from the point of me giving birth and ended with the baby, a few-month’s old. As most of you know, dreams don’t always make sense – well, the process of giving birth in my dream was like this : I’d fallen asleep and woke up to find my mother, holding a baby… my baby? How nice to skip the whole painful process! 

Did I mentioned that the baby was beautiful? Big eyes, bubbly and FAT!  I don’t remember it crying at all during the whole dream – again, it only happens in a dream.  I remembered holding him in my arms and thinking, how blessed I am to have this child, I felt high from pure love and affection for this being and even had flash-forwards of my grown-up son and me worrying about him.  Is this what new mothers feel, after they’ve given birth?

The funny thing was there was no sign of the father throughout the whole dream, so I don’t know who the father is/was!  Only my mother was present.

My past dreams have mostly been triggered by current events.  But last night’s dream is a mystery to me…. am I finally feeling maternal?  Is it because the biological clock is ticking or I miss my MUM.


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