Eve of 2009 New Year – Part 2

Ned’s Kelly Jazz Bar in TST and Countdown:


Some friends and I went to a Jazz bar tonight, it’s our first such visit and this bar is highly recommended.  It is a cozy bar, which serves food and drinks and by the time we arrived, was packed to the bream with strangers sharing tables.  The live band started playing at 10, with the owner as the lead singer and trombonist; they played a mixture of classic jazz and blues.  The set was filled with good music and lots of jokes and laughter. The funniest was when the owner played “Silent Night” using a small metal kettle, he’d bought from Sham Shui Po – original!  There’s no cover charge but of cause the price of drinks are higher; food is western – burgers, fish and chips, pies, even steak and reasonably-priced, less than HKD180 for main.  One thing that I noticed and which I’m very particular about is the ventilation… which was very good.  Although there were many smokers in the “cozy” room, but it passed my clothes test, my clothes didn’t pick up much smoke smell. 


We left at 1130 but I’m sure we’ll be back.  The place had a relaxing, casual atmosphere, quite like “Cheers” where everyone is a friend. 

 After leaving the bar, we walked or at least tried to walk to the TST pier to watch the fireworks from the IFC building.  There was a sea of people, the main roads had been closed and it seemed that everyone was out, it was one big street party… We couldn’t get very far and didn’t get to see the fireworks.  But we did join the crowd as we all counted down to 2009 and then we wished strangers a happy new year.  As soon as the countdown ended and people started to leave, the unsung heroes swooped in to clean-up all the confetti and junk food, with their brooms and pans. 


This being HK, the police were conspicuously around to maintain order and I felt safe walking back to my place.  A lot of people were still on the streets, drinking and making a lot of noise, while those restaurants that remained opened were filled with hungry revelers and had a roaring business. 

This ends my first experience of NY eve in HK.  It’s been unexpectedly fun and memorable and ranks highly among my past NY eve celebrations.  Here’s wishing that everything your heart desires will come true in the New Year.  Have a memorable, enjoyable, healthy and peaceful 2009. 


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