Hongkonger English names

I came across the following english names of HongKongers, while reading the newspapers and walking the streets …. in case you’re wondering, i didnt make up any of these.

Some may make you chuckle and some may even make you stump…. anyway, you’ll be surprised at their creativity.   Also to give some privacy to these names, I’ve removed some characters from their surnames.

  • Hyper L_u
  • Jackal Y_ng
  • Eagle H_
  • Van Ch_n
  • Milk Ch_n
  • Pharoah L_u
  • Carrier Chi_w
  • Lancy (… depending on how you pronounce it!) Ch_i
  • Sicky W_n
  • Empty T_e
  • Prawn O_n

I’ll keep updating this list, as I find more interesting but bizarre names.  I wonder, what these people were thinking when they decided on their names.

You have a NICE DAY.

Update: 26 Sept 2008

A HongKongnese friend commented on this post and explained that HongKongnese dont choose english names for their meaning, but rather more for how it sounds.  He related this observation to me – He once saw this big print advert on the back of a bus.  The advert was for a tuition school and showed the picture of one of its popular teacher.  The teacher’s name was stated as A.Ho –

A could possibly be a shortform for something  or the persons’s name, but they thought nothing of it, to use it together with his surname.  I guess HongKongnese are simple people, with cleaner minds.  Boy, am I glad that my surname isnt HO.


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